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LED Truck T30

"Get in and drive off!" - PRG's LED Truck T30 has a daylight LED wall, which is permanently connected to the towing vehicle. Due to its compact design, our LED truck is particularly manoeuvrable. The rotating mast can be turned +/- 180° and thus provides an optimal view of the screen in any position.
As from the fourth quarter, it will be available with a new and even better screen.


  • LED-Wall: ROE MC7-HB
  • Lower edge LED screen: approx. 4.10 m
  • Top edge LED screen: approx. 8.75 m
  • LED screen dimensions:
    7.2 m x 4.2 m / 30.2 m²
  • LED screen resolution: 960 x 560 Pixel
  • Ratio: 1.71:1 (approx. 16:9)
  • Brightness: 5,000 NIT
  • Pixel pitch: 7 mm visually /
    7 mm physically
  • Viewing angle: horizontal 145°,
    vertical 140° 
  • External power connector: 63 A CEE 
  • Generator on board: 30 KvA (Backup) 
  • LED mast rotations: -180°, +180°
  • Overall weight: 25 t
  • Dimensions of LED screen set-up with truck: L 12.00 m x H 8.75 m x B 4.43 m incl. foundation
  • Maximum wind load: 6 Bft.


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